Some Important Things to Know About Bushcraft

During holidays or the weekends, people love to go hiking, camping, picnicing and nature walks. Well if you happen to have gone for those activities in a place far away from your normal environments, say the wilderness, you might know a thing or two about bushcraft, especially if those activities lasted for more than a night. But really, what is bushcraft and what are some of the important skills? Is it really important, and what is some of the crucial equipment involved? Well, here are the answers you might have been looking for.

What Is Bushcraft?

Simply put, these are skills, as can be depicted by the portion of the word, “craft” for maneuvering and enduring in the “bush”. In other words, it can be described as wilderness survival skills, which one can apply naturally in the event they are separated from their usual environment either by fun activities, calamities, fate, and so much more. However, some school of thought argues that it is more about thriving rather than surviving. For instance, these are skills that one can use to get themselves food in such an environment through activities such as fishing and hunting, establish a makeshift structure for shelter using naturally available materials, and such other creative survival tactics. However, such a person requires having some kinds of tools handy.

Examples of Wilderness Survival Skills

As a cautious person looking forward to making a trip to the wilderness, having some of these skills will come in handy. They reduce your chances of starving or suffering from severe thirst, which is quite demolishing in such situations. With the right supplies and survival gear, making fires, carving, hunting, fishing, and tracking are some of the examples that can be made easier.
Fire craft – Fire making skill that allows one to be able to make a fire in the hardest conditions through creative techniques such as the use of Sun rays, fire drills, rock friction, wood trees, and matches.

Rope craft and shelter making – also known as knots, enables one the ability to making rope structures for carrying luggage or building shelter from natural materials.
Hunting, fishing, tracking and foraging – These are important wilderness survival skills for acquiring food.
But What Are Some Of These Important Supplies And Gear?
If you have an upcoming tour adventure to the wilderness, it is important to know what to include in your back pack, especially if you have gone through some of the above mentioned skills. You can determine this by working with a reliable outdoor store for ideas on survival gear as well as supplies. There are a number of important bush craft tools and supplies that can be quite handy for your thriving. Just to mention a few examples, these include: –
Water Bottle
Survival knives
Matches and lighters
Flash lights
Sleeping bags
And much more.